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Visual Fringe - July 6-17, 6:30-9:30
Visual Fringe - What Is This

Part of the inaugural Toronto Visual Fringe, The Fringe Tourist Trap flickers to life every evening from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m., July 6th to 17th, in the Honest Ed's alleyway (click here or here).

Combining the theatricality of the Toronto Fringe with the eclectic hodgepodge of its participants, The Fringe Tourist Trap uses mixed-media installations and paper/print work to show you that your memories aren’t complete until you can prove they exist with tangible, impulsively-bought evidence. Like a sno-globe within another sno-globe from that time we had jury duty in Hull. Or the solar- powered maracas we bartered for during our evening in jail after our flight to Medicine Hat accidentally took us to Tijuana.

The Fringe Tourist Trap is being stuck together by Trevor Campbell, a two-time Toronto Fringe participant (most recently as Jack in Funny Business - The Musical [Best of the Fringe, Critic’s Pick, Diesel Playhouse]) turned designer. Fresh from a year as a graphic designer, web developer and illustrator for Canadian Stage, he has also designed for The Design Exchange, Treehouse TV’s Big and Small tour and heaps of artists and small businesses.

His shop/installation/museum-of-oddities will be made entirely from scratch and promises something for everyone - from age 1 to 101 (but might seem ‘mundane’ or ‘overzealous’ to those younger or older). In addition to showcasing a wide variety of visual and tactile finery, he’ll be selling paper/print work including posters, notebooks, pigeon paper dolls and more.Visual Fringe - Media Photo

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